Crochet Nursing and Teething Necklace

At about 4 months of age, my baby girl decided that nursing wasn’t exciting and she was too busy to stay focused enough to eat. She squirmed around, pulling on my clothes, hair, and anything else within reach.

I crocheted this necklace to wear while nursing my busy and curious baby. She also enjoys playing with it and gumming it when she's not trying to eat.

I made this crochet necklace to wear while nursing her, and it seems to be interesting enough to distract her or keep her attention. I wear it tied loosely around my neck. She also enjoys playing with it and gumming it when she’s not trying to eat.

I used Lion Brand Cotton Bonbons and natural wooden beads, covering some of the beads in crochet and leaving others unfinished. It saves my clothes from being stretched out, and my skin from being pinched and scratched!

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