Crochet Nursing and Teething Necklace

I crocheted this necklace to wear while nursing my busy and curious baby. She also enjoys playing with it and gumming it when she's not trying to eat.

At about 4 months of age, my baby girl decided that nursing wasn’t exciting and she was too busy to stay focused enough to eat. She squirmed around, pulling on my clothes, hair, and anything else within reach. I made this crochet necklace to wear while nursing her, and it seems to be interesting enough to distract her or keep her attention. I wear it tied loosely around my neck. She also enjoys playing with it and gumming it when she’s not trying to eat. I used Lion Brand Cotton Bonbons and natural … read more

Beginner Sewing: Top Knot Baby Hats

I like sewing projects that are small and quick. I had fun stitching these top knot baby hats using a beginner-friendly tutorial from Make It & Love It.

I haven’t done much sewing, and when I do get out the sewing machine I like projects that are small and quick. When I wanted a new hat to replace one my daughter had outgrown, I had a lot of fun stitching these fine little top knot baby hats. My baby girl had a simple white newborn hat. It was a stretchy little cotton hat with a knot on the top. I thought it looked so sweet, and I was sad when she outgrew it. I was excited when I found this tutorial from Make It … read more

Miniature Crochet Stroller Blanket

This is a dollhouse miniature version of a 3 x 4 foot baby blanket. I made this colorful little blankie by crocheting 20 motifs and stitching them together.

I’ve enjoyed crocheting jewelry with my skinny little steel hooks, but this is the first dollhouse-scale project I’ve embarked upon. I made this colorful little blankie by crocheting 20 motifs, then stitching them together with single crochet stitches. I used a single strand of embroidery floss with a 1.6 mm hook. It’s about 3 x 4 inches. At 1:12 dollhouse scale, the blanket is a miniature version of a 3 x 4 foot baby blanket. read more

Thread Crochet Doilies

Thread crochet doilies and small table runners make great portable or warm-weather projects. I used free patterns that I found online to create these two.

I’ve really been digging thread crochet lately. The open and lacy stitch patterns are loose and quick to work up, and it’s such a contrast from the tighter wearable items I usually make. After finishing these doilies, I picked up my regular ‘H’ hook and some worsted-weight yarn, and it felt like thick rope in my hands. It’s nice to switch it up sometimes! Doilies and small table runners make great portable or warm-weather projects. Both of these doily patterns are available for FREE online! Black Doily Pattern: Antlia Designer: Patrizia Pisani Source: crochetpatty … read more