How to Block Lace Crochet

Blocking lace crochet is a wonderful way to finish your work and enhance your project's stitch design. Here's the simple 3-step process that I use.

When you block a lace crochet item, your project has a more finished look and the stitch design is enhanced. Blocking knit and crochet items opens up the stitches to give the pattern more definition. You can use blocking to define points for a more distinct shape. It also helps the finished item conform to the expected dimensions. It can help that sweater fit better or that shawl drape nicely. I have a pretty simple process when it comes to blocking lace crochet projects, or any project for that matter. There are many ways that knitters and crocheters “block” their finished items. … read more

Free Crochet Hat Pattern: Ready for Santa

With this quick and free crochet stocking cap pattern, your little one is ready for their first visit from Santa! Adorable on any little boy or girl.

Make a fun and festive stocking cap for your toddler this season with this FREE crochet pattern. This girl is ready for her first visit from Santa! Your little one can be too, with this simple pattern that looks just adorable on any little boy or girl. The brim is really fluffy, but it’s so quick and easy. It only takes one round of single crochet with the super-soft and bulky fur yarn. Pair the fur yarn with a worsted weight yarn in one or more colors, and here’s a fun project that works up in just one evening. Perfect for photo shoots, … read more

Plastic Canvas Tetris Magnets

Plastic canvas doesn't seem to be very popular for modern crafters, but it's so versatile and easy to use. This magnet set was a quick and fun project.

Nerdy confession: I love plastic canvas. It’s one of the first crafty things I learned to work with way back in the day:  I can’t tell you how many christmas ornaments I’ve made as a child. Plastic canvas doesn’t seem to be very popular for modern crafters: many seem to think it’s only used to make old-fashioned or kitschy crap. But if you’re a yarn crafter of any sort, this material is so simple to use and so versatile that just like knitting and crochet, the possibilities seem endless. One great source of … read more