Crochet with Handspun

Using my own handspun yarn has made some of my crochet projects even more enjoyable and rewarding.

Using my own handspun yarn has made some of my crochet projects even more enjoyable and rewarding. Single-ply lace weight This delicate scarf was made with baby suri alpaca yarn. Pattern: Alpine Frost Scarf Designer: Amy O’Neill Houck Source: Interweave Crochet Two-ply worsted weight … read more

My First Spinning Wheel, and a Bit About Drive Ratios

My first spinning wheel is an old Ashford traditional. Let's discuss drive ratios and different types of wheels, and you can see my first wheel-spun yarn.

I’m so happy with my new Ashford traditional spinning wheel! New to me, that is. The beautiful wheel is older than I am. After referring to Ashford’s timeline for the traditional wheel (which is an interesting read in and of itself), I think … read more

A Beginner’s Adventures in Handspinning

Join me as I take on a new fiber hobby to complement my crochet: handspinning my own yarn. Part 1 includes an introduction and resources.

Part 1 I’ve been itching to try handspinning my own yarns. My fiber addiction finally got the best of me. For too long I’ve drooled over others’ handspun yarns. I’ve fondled wool fleeces, fantasized about color combinations. It was time to … read more