These ornaments are perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree, stringing into a garland, or topping a present. It's a free crochet pattern that's so quick!
Flight of Snapdragons is an asymmetrical triangle with scallops on one edge. Download the crochet pattern for this lightweight and elegant flowery shawl.
Amarie is a crochet pattern for a light and lacy crescent-shaped wrap. It's worked in two colors of stripes in varying widths. Download the pattern today.
Baby, it's still cold outside! This free crochet pattern is not just for the holidays. It's a quick and easy pattern, so in almost no time at all your little one can have an adorable hat that will keep him or her cozy all winter long.
Curious about the specifics on how the Spill crochet shawl is constructed and stitch counts configured? Here I share the details of my design process.
Spill is a shawl worked in rows in a gradient yarn, with short rows used to create a gradual, off-center color change. Crochet it with a long color-shifting yarn, or use a few different colors to create asymmetrical stripes.
Parquet is a triangular crochet scarf with a textured wooden pattern, created using post stitches. A unique and visually striking accessory for men and women.
With this quick and free crochet stocking cap pattern, your little one is ready for their first visit from Santa! Adorable on any little boy or girl.
Infinite Lifelines is a looped scarf with cool, wavy stripes. Wear it long or wrap it twice around your neck for extra warmth. Download the crochet pattern.
I crocheted this necklace to wear while nursing my busy and curious baby. She also enjoys playing with it and gumming it when she's not trying to eat.
I like sewing projects that are small and quick. I had fun stitching these top knot baby hats using a beginner-friendly tutorial from Make It & Love It.
For a beginner using my sewing machine for the first time, this little tag blankie was an entertaining project with quick gratification. My baby loves it!
I love crocheting lacy scarves or shawls for new brides. I made this Summer Sprigs Lace Scarf for a dear friend on her special day.
Wrap yourself in a mystical beast's wing with this fantastical crochet pattern. Dragonwing is a uniquely shaped lace shawl designed to make you feel transported to a magical world.
Stitch a comfy new accessory with the Bistro Beanie crochet pattern. Relax in style with this casual slouch hat. A hot cuppa and a good book are optional.
Life, the Universe, and Everything is an attractive and cozy handspun shawl. I stitched it using handspun yarn and a free, easy-to-follow crochet pattern.
Over the Willamette is a triangular scarf with mesh sections separated by lacy bands. With this crochet pattern you can make a scarf or a full-sized shawl.
Add a pop of color to your wardrobe without the whole bulky sock with this quick crochet boot cuff pattern! Download it for free.
This adorable amigurumi pattern is just right for a small spring project. These bunnies were so much fun to make. Free crochet pattern from All About Ami.
Babies are so fun to crochet for. It's all adorable, and this pixie bonnet is no exception. I quickly made four of these using Shara Lambeth's free pattern.
Working with handspun yarn you're not crazy about can surprise you. When I finally used this yarn with a fun free cowl pattern, I found its true potential.
The Flowers and Tiles Top has been added to my wardrobe and I'm very pleased! This crochet pattern is worked in motifs with a ribbed border.
Lena Fedotova's beautiful Porcelain Berry Shawl crochet pattern has options to create a triangular shawl or rectangular scarf in any size.
Add a bit of flare to any wardrobe with this free crochet pattern! These colorful little wrist cuffs peek out from under your sleeves.
I've been playing with a different colorwork crochet technique: intarsia crochet. Using this fun technique, I made a plush diamondback snake.
The Just-Like-That Hat is a free crochet pattern using basic stitches. It's a great pattern for crocheting your first hat or for when you need a quick gift.
Circles to Squares is an afghan constructed with crochet motifs in different sizes. You can make one yourself with a free Lion Brand pattern.
Using my own handspun yarn has made some of my crochet projects even more enjoyable and rewarding.
We have an active dog, but her small frame and thin fur sometimes leave her shivering! This pink pup sweater was crocheted to size using handspun wool yarn.
The Ridges Slouch Hat is crocheted using post stitches to create a ridged texture. Download the pattern for this relaxed-brim accessory.
Ribbed Keyhole Scarf: a quick pattern for a crochet scarf with a "keyhole" opening on one end. This cozy accessory stays in place without tying or pinning.
Tapered Scales Shawlette is a triangle-shaped mini shawl with lacy shells. Get the pattern, which includes instructions for enlarging to a full-sized shawl.
This is a dollhouse miniature version of a 3 x 4 foot baby blanket. I made this colorful little blankie by crocheting 20 motifs and stitching them together.
Plastic canvas doesn't seem to be very popular for modern crafters, but it's so versatile and easy to use. This magnet set was a quick and fun project.
Tapestry crochet is a technique where you use two or more yarns to create color patterns. I created a couple of hats while experimenting with the technique.
Thread crochet doilies and small table runners make great portable or warm-weather projects. I used free patterns that I found online to create these two.
My experiments with felting crochet items, learning the basics of felting by hand and in a washing machine. Some projects were more successful than others!

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