Crescent Shawl Crochet Pattern: Amarie

Amarie is a crochet pattern for a light and lacy crescent-shaped wrap. It's worked in two colors of stripes in varying widths. Download the pattern today.

Amarie  is a crochet pattern for a light and lacy crescent-shaped wrap. It’s worked in two colors of stripes in varying widths. The pattern is written in US crochet terms and includes 3 pages of written instructions and photographs. Download the pattern now. To work a two-color shawl as pictured, you’ll need about 400 yards of light fingering weight yarn in each color. I crocheted the sample pictured here with Swans Island Fingering yarn. This wrap is also a great pattern to work in a gradient or variegated yarn. Pattern: Amarie Designer: Jenn Wolfe Kaiser Source: Life Adorned read more

The Making of the Spill Crochet Shawl

Curious about the specifics on how the Spill crochet shawl is constructed and stitch counts configured? Here I share the details of my design process.

The Spill crochet shawl is a crescent shape with a pattern worked in rows. It uses simple stitches: single crochet, double crochet, slip stitch. The pattern incorporates short rows on one side of the shawl so that the color shifts of the yarn (or stripes, if using multiple yarns) are off-center. Even though the design is simple, you can yield some dramatic results when you pair it with a showcasing yarn. I’ve had some people wondering about the specifics on how the shawl is constructed and how I came up with the stitch counts in the pattern. There … read more

Crochet Handspun Shawl: Life, the Universe, and Everything

Life, the Universe, and Everything is an attractive and cozy handspun shawl. I stitched it using handspun yarn and a free, easy-to-follow crochet pattern.

Life, the Universe, and Everything  is an attractive and cozy handspun shawl. I stitched it using handspun yarn and a free, easy-to-follow pattern. The Crochet Shoulder Wrappers group on Ravelry is a very active, friendly, and energetic group of crafters. They have at least three crochet-alongs (CALs) every month, and anyone can participate. It’s a fun way to discover new designs and enjoy the crochet community. Plus, if you need help at any point in the pattern or are interested in advice on how to change something, there’s a community of people to help you or offer opinions. I participated … read more

Crochet with Handspun: Merino Cowl

Working with handspun yarn you're not crazy about can surprise you. When I finally used this yarn with a fun free cowl pattern, I found its true potential.

Sometimes, working with a soft but seemingly lackluster handspun yarn can surprise you. I spun a skein of single-ply yarn out of some fabulous merino combed top, but I wasn’t very excited about the results. It sat around for a couple of years while I pondered its fate. This winter, while looking for a quick and simple project to knock out in between working on larger garments, I found myself yearning for something thick and soft to counter all of the thin, hard lace I’d been working. My handspun yarn just felt so luscious. I’m glad … read more

Crochet with Handspun

Using my own handspun yarn has made some of my crochet projects even more enjoyable and rewarding.

Using my own handspun yarn has made some of my crochet projects even more enjoyable and rewarding. Single-ply lace weight This delicate scarf was made with baby suri alpaca yarn. Pattern: Alpine Frost Scarf Designer: Amy O’Neill Houck Source: Interweave Crochet Two-ply worsted weight This winter sweater for my thin-furred dog was made with merino wool yarn. I made it to fit her specifically so there’s no pattern written up for it, but you can see more photos in this post. Chain-ply (three-ply) dk weight This vest was made with merino wool yarn with … read more

Warm Pup Sweater

We have an active dog, but her small frame and thin fur sometimes leave her shivering! This pink pup sweater was crocheted to size using handspun wool yarn.

This crocheted pink pup sweater was stitched to size for my little dog. Mila loves to go anywhere we go. Even though she stays active, her small frame and thin fur sometimes leave her shivering! I chose pure wool for her sweater, so she would still be warm when she gets snow-damp. I’m not sure how this bright, fun, extra-girly colorway came home from the fiber shop with me, because it’s so not my style. But when I was looking for the perfect fiber in the perfect colorway for this project, I had no success. … read more