The Making of the Spill Crochet Shawl

Curious about the specifics on how the Spill crochet shawl is constructed and stitch counts configured? Here I share the details of my design process.

The Spill crochet shawl is a crescent shape with a pattern worked in rows. It uses simple stitches: single crochet, double crochet, slip stitch. The pattern incorporates short rows on one side of the shawl so that the color shifts of the yarn (or stripes, if … read more

Crochet Handspun Shawl: Life, the Universe, and Everything

Life, the Universe, and Everything is an attractive and cozy handspun shawl. I stitched it using handspun yarn and a free, easy-to-follow crochet pattern.

Life, the Universe, and Everything  is an attractive and cozy handspun shawl. I stitched it using handspun yarn and a free, easy-to-follow pattern. The Crochet Shoulder Wrappers group on Ravelry is a very active, friendly, and energetic group of crafters. They have at least three crochet-alongs … read more

Crochet with Handspun: Merino Cowl

Working with handspun yarn you're not crazy about can surprise you. When I finally used this yarn with a fun free cowl pattern, I found its true potential.

Sometimes, working with a soft but seemingly lackluster handspun yarn can surprise you. I spun a skein of single-ply yarn out of some fabulous merino combed top, but I wasn’t very excited about the results. It sat around for a couple of years while I pondered … read more

Crochet with Handspun

Using my own handspun yarn has made some of my crochet projects even more enjoyable and rewarding.

Using my own handspun yarn has made some of my crochet projects even more enjoyable and rewarding. Single-ply lace weight This delicate scarf was made with baby suri alpaca yarn. Pattern: Alpine Frost Scarf Designer: Amy O’Neill Houck Source: Interweave Crochet Two-ply worsted weight … read more